CO2 budget and respiration components in two contrasting forest ecosystems in the Alps: Are there similarities with boreal forests?

Respiration of terrestrial ecosystems is one of the key processes in the global carbon cycle. Thus, the understanding of respiration processes is a prerequisite to predict effects of climate change on ecosystems and their future annual carbon balance. Therefore, the CO2 exchange of two contrasting forest ecosystems representative for Swiss forests are studied with the main emphasis on their respiratory fluxes (i.e., total ecosystem, soil, stem and foliage): a montane mixed forest at Lägeren (CarboEurope IP site) and a subalpine coniferous forest at Davos.

For quantification and partitioning of total CO2 ecosystem fluxes, various techniques were used: eddy covariance technique, combined with measurements of advective fluxes due to sloping terrain. Furthermore, stable isotope analysis as well as closed chamber measurements of different respiratory components were employed.



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