Lägeren (AG)

Site description

Managed mixed deciduous mountain forest located on the steep Lägeren mountain (NW of Zurich, Swiss Plateau). The forest is highly diverse, dominated by beech, but also including ash, maple, spruce and fir trees. The site was been part of the international CarboEurope IP network and the Swiss air quality network NABEL, and is one of the long-term forest ecosystem research sites external page(LWF) of the WSL (Institut f. Wald Schnee & Landschaft). Eddy covariance flux measurements were started in April 2004 (tower coordinates: 47°28'42.0" N and 8°21'51.8" E; WGS84 47.478333, 8.364389; at 682 m asl).

Research and infrastructure

Enlarged view: Lägeren – Eddy covariance measurements
Covariance measurements
Enlarged view: Lägeren – Forest floor
Forest floor
Enlarged view: Lägeren – Forest
Lägeren forest
Enlarged view: Lägeren – Soil respiration measurements
Soil respiration measurements



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