Oensingen (SO)

Site description

This site was part of the CarboEuropeIP project (EU FP6) and the GHG-Europe project (EU FP7). Eddy covariance flux measurements started in December 2003. The soil type is an eutri-stagnic cambisol. The site is located at 452 m als and is managed as a typical intensive crop rotation under the Swiss Integrated Pest Management regime (IP Suisse). The tower coordinates are: 47°17'11.1" N and 7°44'01.5" E; WGS84 47.286417, 7.73375. During the CarboEuropeIP project, colleagues from Agroscope operated the Oensingen Grassland site nearby.

Crop rotation

Find the sequence of crops here.

Research and infrastructure


Half-hourly: temperature, moisture, heat flux


Half-hourly: eddy flux (CO2, H2O), wind vectors, radiation components, PAR (diffuse and total), temperature, humidity, precipitation


Half-hourly: Vegetation reflectance. Linked to harvests: above-ground biomass production, crop residues

Enlarged view: Oensingen – Eddy station
Eddy station
Enlarged view: Oensingen – Eddy station
Eddy station



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